Ustream Accounts

To participate in Ustream Chats, Social Stream, or to Broadcast you must register for a free Ustream Account.

Browse through the following topics for more information about creating and managing your Ustream Account.

How to register for a free Ustream Account

Ustream accounts are free and there is never a charge to broadcast or view Ustream Broadcasts.

To sign up for an account simply visit: and provide the required information.

Important Tip: Provide a valid email address.

One you have submitted the requested information at you should receive a Verification Code by email to confirm your email address is valid. Without this code you will not be able to complete registration. For more information please see How to resolve problems with Ustream Verification Code

Username and Email Limitations:

Once a Ustream username has been created, it may not be modified. If you choose to delete your username, the same lettering cannot be used for a new account, even if the capitalization is different. So please choose your username carefully.

Only one Ustream username may be created per e-mail address.

How to resolve problems with Ustream Verification Code

Upon registering for a free Ustream account you should receive a Verification Code by email to confirm your email address is valid. Without this code you will not be able to complete registration.

Here's some common problems with Verification Codes and how to resolve them:

  • Verification Codes Are Only Valid For 24 Hours.

    If you registered longer than 24 hours ago, you'll need to request a new one. You can do this by visiting Enter your username or e-mail address and the password verification code email will be sent to you. If you do not receive that e-mail, please make sure to check all of your spam and bulk folders.

  • Never Received Verification Code E-mail?

    If you do not receive the Verification Code e-mail, be sure to check your spam and bulk folders in the e-mail account used to register your account with Ustream. If you do not see any e-mail, your username is most likely associated with a different e-mail address. If you received multiple Verification Codes, use the most recent one.

  • If Verification Code does not work:

    • Try clearing your cache and cookies.
    • Please note that you must use the code within 24 hours of receipt.
    • Verification Codes are case-sensitive.
    • Hitting "Enter" more than once to submit your code will disrupt the process

If the issue persists, please submit a Support Ticket for assistance. For quick resolution be sure to include all of the following information even though some of it might seem irrelevant:

  • Your Ustream username
  • The date and time that you requested the Verification Code
  • The date and time that you used the Verification Code
  • Your State and Country
  • The web browser and version you use
  • If and what international keyboard you use
  • Are you using WiFi or Lan?
  • Are you using Mac or PC?

How to reuse an email address

Since an email address can be associated with only one Ustream account at a time we'll show you how to disassociate your email address from your current Ustream account so it can be used to register a new Ustream account.

Follow the following instructions to disassociate your e-mail address from the first account in the Account Settings. Once completed, you may register a new Ustream account with that same email address.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click your username in the top right corner to bring you to your user dashboard or go to
  3. Click Account Settings in the navigation in the left hand column.
  4. Change your email address.
  5. Click Save.

How to edit your Ustream profile page and change your profile pic

All Ustream members have a profile which can typically be found at For an example of the new profiles see my profile.

How to edit your profile and add or change a profile picture

  1. Log in to your Ustream account
  2. Once logged in, go to
  3. Then click on the Profile page link.
     Then click on the Profile page link
  4. On this page you can edit your bio and upload a new profile picture. Don't forget to click Save once you're done editing the information.
    Profile Page

How to sign up for a Ustream Premium Membership

Ustream offers Premium Memberships for a low monthly fee so you can watch all your favorite shows without pesky advertisements. Premium Members also receive a shiny Premium Member Badge Premium Member Badgeand bolded text in the Social Stream and a Premium Member Profile Icon.

While Ustream would like to offer these perks for free, running the best live video site on the web isn’t cheap, so charging for the removal of ads allows Ustream to offset the costs while improving the viewing experience.

Premium Memberships are an optional upgrade for Ustream users. You can still view and broadcast on Ustream for free! Premium Membership simply enhances the viewing experience.

Signing up for Premium Memberships is super easy:

  1. Go to Ustream and log into your Ustream Account.
  2. Then go to and review the price and current terms. Once ready to sign up simply enter your credit card information:
    Enter your credit card information
  3. Be sure to check the box stating that you read the Terms of Service and then you can click purchase.
  4. After clicking purchase, your credit card information will be processed and you should then see a confirmation screen and also receive an email at the same email account your Ustream account is registered to.

Premium Memberships only remove ads for you as a viewer, it does not remove ads
on your Ustream channel. If you are interested in Ad-Free Broadcasting, you can find more
information here:

How to delete or close a Ustream account

Warning! No way to undo!

First be sure you really want to delete your account as there is no way to recover it once it has been deleted.

If you should wish to use Ustream again, you will be required to provide another email address. You cannot reuse the email from a deleted account.

Shows and all recorded videos will NOT be deleted automatically.

Deleting an account only provides a way of disabling an account in chat and social streams. It may not remove channel pages or all your recorded videos. If you wish to remove your channel pages and recordings, you must first manually delete all of them from your dashboard before deleting your account. Please be sure you would like to delete it as there is no undo!

Pro Broadcasters and Premium Members warning:
Deleting an account does not always stop or cancel these services. We strongly recommend Pro Broadcasters, Premium Members, and all other users with reoccurring billing to log into their dashboard and first cancel all their paid Ustream services to completely ensure the billing does not continue. Only after canceling all of these services, and confirming the cancellation, you can delete your account without risk.

To delete your Ustream account follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Ustream account.
  2. Then go to
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link "Delete Account" on the right side in red.