Help, emergency! When and when not to use the 911 command on Ustream.

There is an emergency chat command that you may use in case you should need emergency assistance from a Ustream Chat Admin or Moderator.

When should I use the !911 command?

You may use the !911 command for any situation that a channel moderator cannot handle. Below are some examples:

  • Dealing with ban-dodgers or ban-evaders;
  • Threats or hacking;
  • Inappropriate requests to minors
  • Persistent harassment;
  • Multiple flooders;
  • Botnet attacks;
  • PM spam;
  • Multiple hit and run spammers;
  • Requesting moderator status in an overflow channel (only if you are the broadcaster or a moderator in the main room);

Please remain in the channel for at least 10 minutes after using the !911 command to give Ustream Admins or Moderators a chance to respond to your request. If you do not, it may be mistaken for a false alarm, and any false alarm can lead to a ban from all Ustream chats.

If you use the !911 command in a non-English speaking channel, we might not be able to speak your language. Please attempt to use a translation tool and respond in English.

How to use the !911 command:

The !911 command is primarily intended for broadcasters and channel moderators, though normal registered viewers may use it if there is no channel moderator is available and one of the problems in the list above occurs. Do not use the command if you're not logged in to your registered Ustream account.

To use the !911 command, simply type !911 in the chat where assistance is needed. !911 should be the only thing on the line.

When it is used successfully, a bot named Ustream-Bot-2 will join the room immediately to show that assistance has been requested. Shortly after, a Ustream Chat Admin or Moderator will join the chat to provide assistance, if one is available. If no one responds you may Email Ustream Chat Admins and Ustream Chat Moderators.

When should I not use the !911 command?

Do not use the !911 command to report the video content. Below are some more examples when you should not use !911:

  • Do not use it to report improper video content;
  • Do not use it to report undesirable behavior on the video stream;

To report the video content you must use the Flag button on the show page.

Can I ever use !911 to report video content?

Life and death situations on stream (or in chat) are a valid exception. Please use both the Flag button on the show page AND the !911 command in chat to report any possible credible threat of suicide or taking the life of any human or animal or any type of animal cruelty.

What if I misuse the !911 command?

Any user that intentionally misuses the !911 command will be banned from all Ustream chat rooms for an extended period of time, if not permanently.

Below are some examples of misuse:

  • Using !911 without valid reason;
  • Flooding or repeatedly using the !911 command in a short period with or without valid reason;
  • Leaving the chat or changing nick names after using the !911 command;

All emergency command usage is logged. We strongly encourage users to remain in the chat after using the command even if it was used with a valid reason. Leaving a show page, changing nick names, or signing out and rejoining the show as a guest, is likely to result in a ban from all Ustream chats as we'll have no way of knowing the command wasn't misused.