Cerevo LiveShell PRO connects nearly every HD Camcorder direct to Ustream in HD

Cerevo LiveShell PRO
The new Cerevo LiveShell PRO allows High Definition live streaming from any Camcorder (or Camera) with an HDMI output direct to Ustream. It can even broadcast in 720p HD resolution without the need of a computer!

Cerevo LiveShell PROControl the LiveShell PRO volume control and audio mixing, captions display, cropping, video quality/frame rate and more remotely via its built-in web application. All adjustments can be done on the fly without stopping the broadcast. The Dashboard is web based, so it works with any computer or Android devices or iOS iPads and iPhones without installing anything.

The LiveShell PRO is powered by an internal battery for up to 3 hours and the battery can be easily swapped with another battery or connected to AC power for longer or continuous broadcast applications. When powered by AC, it'll even auto-reconnect and resume the broadcast if the wireless connection to Ustream is ever lost.

It includes a mic input, HDMI input as well as composite video/audio input allowing flexible use with nearly any HD camcorder or camera with audio/video outputs.

You can prevent accidents by using a secure lock HDMI cable to prevent an accidental unplugging and/or use the lock function to prevent settings from being changed accidentally.

Connect the LiveShell PRO to any Wireless network including mobile hotspots, home/business based wifi networks, or use a wired LAN by connecting it to a router with a network cable.

The Cerevo LiveShell PRO is now available to order at Amazon.com.