How to reuse an email address

Since an email address can be associated with only one Ustream account at a time we'll show you how to disassociate your email address from your current Ustream account so it can be used to register a new Ustream account.

How to register for a free Ustream Account

Ustream accounts are free and there is never a charge to broadcast or view Ustream Broadcasts.

To sign up for an account simply visit: and provide the required information.

Important Tip: Provide a valid email address.

How to sign up for a Ustream Premium Membership

Ustream offers Premium Memberships for a low monthly fee so you can watch all your favorite shows without pesky advertisements.

How to delete or close a Ustream account

Warning! No way to undo!

First be sure you really want to delete your account as there is no way to recover it once it has been deleted.

If you should wish to use Ustream again, you will be required to provide another email address. You cannot reuse the email from a deleted account.

Ustream Accounts

To participate in Ustream Chats, Social Stream, or to Broadcast you must register for a free Ustream Account.

Browse through the following topics for more information about creating and managing your Ustream Account.

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