Appeal Ustream Chat Bans

If you were banned from a Ustream chat room, you were banned by either the broadcaster, moderator, a Ustream Admin or Ustream HelpOp, or a Ustream-Bot.

If you are banned from all Ustream chats, it is because you violated the Ustream Terms of Service. For Ustream-Bot, Ustream Admin, or Ustream HelpOp bans from all Ustream chats you may appeal the chat ban below but if the ban lasts more than 3 hours they were not done by a fully automatic process and are unlikely an error. We will review your case, but cannot guarantee a response.


Step 1

Let's ensure you're really banned:

Please use this link to attempt to connect to Ustream's chat network. A chat script will open when clicked. Select the "Server"/"Ustream" tab on the bottom of the window and then highlight all text in this tab. Then right click and select Copy to copy all the text.

(Paste the output that you copied from the "Server"/"Ustream" tab.)

If you could connect, do not continue to Step 2 as you are not banned by Ustream.

Broadcasters and moderators may ban users from their chat room at their own discretion and these bans cannot be appealed with Ustream. You will need to contact the specific broadcaster or one of their moderators to lift these chatroom bans.


Step 2

If banned from all Ustream chats you may continue to complete Step 2, but you must include the output in Step 1 and ALL of the following information for your appeal to be processed:

(Please include all usernames used by you. One per line please.)

(If you broadcast on Ustream, please include a link to your channel URL. e.g.

(Provide any and ALL chat room nicks that you might have been using leading up to this ban. One per line please.)

(Please approximate the date and time of when the ban occurred in Eastern Standard Time [New York ].)

(Please provide as much information as you can about the ban. e.g. Why you think it occurred. What you might have done to be banned. etc.)

(Please explain why you feel the ban should be removed or why the ban might have been set in error. Please explain in detail.)


Current IP and Hostname: (ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED)

Please go to to obtain the following information. If you do not submit both your current IP and Hostname we will be unable to locate the ban. If this information isn't provided your appeal will be discarded without further contact.

(Please go to to obtain your current IP address.)

(Please go to to obtain your current Hostname Address.)


Review the Terms of Service:

Please review Ustream's Terms of Service and have a discussion with everyone in your household about what is acceptable and appropriate behavior on Ustream and online.


Important Information:

Be sure to include all of the required information above or you appeal may be discarded without any further contact. But, please do not send passwords, billing or credit card details, product keys, or serial keys. For help with billing issues, products and serials, please see our contact page and choose either Ustream Account issues or Billing and Pro product support.

We read each and every email received and typically reply within 72 hours but please allow extra time around US holidays. We're sorry, we cannot guarantee a response. Please do not use multiple departments/forms as it'll only slow our response.

Children under 18 prohibited.

You must be at least 18 years old to use this form or submit any information. If you are not over 18, please have your parent or guardian review and submit the Appeal for you.

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