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Help make Ustream a cleaner community.

All kinds of spammers have plagued chat rooms since their popularization and Ustream recognizes how annoying spam can be. Because of this Ustream is striving to make all of Ustream chats' spam-free. Ustream is being proactive and blocking many spammers from even connecting to the chats but occasionally some spammers might find ways around these roadblocks.

How can I help stop chat spam?

You can help Ustream catch and refine the spam blocking by reporting any spam you see in a Ustream Chat (or receive by private message on Ustream Chats).

Simply copy the spam message and paste it in the form below.

Please be sure to include an example of the exact spam message and include the spammer's full nickname. If you know the chat channel name you can include that as well but it's not mandatory.

We're sorry that we're unable to offer a personalized reply. But many thanks for using Ustream and helping to make the community better by reporting chat spam!

Chat Emergency?

To report mass flooding/spamming and get immediate assistance please read about an emergency chat command that you may use.

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