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Volunteer Helpers are very important to Ustream. The Ustream community relies on volunteers to help users navigate around the Ustream website, troubleshoot their system for use with Ustream, and answer miscellaneous questions they may have about Ustream.

Providing online support for Ustream requires a higher skill set than just being able to broadcast, watch streams, or chat on Ustream. Applicants are selected as Official Volunteers based upon their experience, ability to meet the key requirements, willingness to work with others, and ability to assist other users.

The key requirements to be an Official Volunteer are:

  1. Able to volunteer on the Ustream Live Help Chat, Forum and/or the Ustream Support Community;

  2. At least 18 years of age;

  3. Able to effectively use Ustream and the Windows or Mac operating system;

  4. Able to look up or recall, create and convey step-by-step procedures on the fly;

  5. Able to express written instructions in clear, expressive, and friendly way;

  6. Have strong online communication skills, following generally accepted nettiquette;

  7. Have genuine active listening skills;

  8. Able to follow instructions and rules;

  9. Possess high proficiency in grammar usage, spelling, and punctuation;

  10. Are courteous and unflappable;

  11. Ability to multi-task;

  12. Have technical troubleshooting skills and the ability to explain technical problems to others for diagnosis and solution;

  13. Have effective Internet searching skills;

  14. Ability to meet expectations of regular, predictable attendance, including some nights and weekends;

  15. Ability to work well with others in a cooperative environment where teamwork and constant communication is essential;

  16. Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments;

  17. A commitment to continuous learning and motivation to improve skills in all areas of support;

  18. Ability to act as a positive role model by being mature, professional and patient in all situations.

How to Apply

All applicants must have an strong interest in the Ustream community and derive satisfaction from helping others as this is an unpaid, volunteer position and not paid employment. It does not constitute or imply a guarantee or promise of future employment.

If you meet the key requirements above and would like to become an Official Volunteer the first step is to be active in the Live Help Chat, #help, by answering questions when an Official Volunteer is not on duty. After participating in #help for about a week you may complete and submit the following application.

When you complete an application and submit it, we will review it and determine whether your qualifications would be a good fit for the position. Due to the high level of interest in our volunteer positions, we regret that not every applicant may be contacted or accepted.

Approved applicants are required to successfully complete training sessions and will be required to complete a Volunteer Agreement.

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(Please list the last three, your position and the key duties. One per line please.)

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(If any, please explain in detail each instance and what you learned from the experience.)

(Please list. One per line please.)

Help Team and Ustream require Helpers certify their truthful completion and acceptance of this volunteer application by submitting an electronic signature. To agree to the terms and certify your acceptance of this volunteer application agreement provide an electronic signature by typing your full legal name in the space below and then click Confirm Electronic Signature and submit the application. By entering and completing an Electronic Signature you certify that all the information in your application and provided with this agreement is accurate and true.
Under the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), entering your name into the electronic signature field makes this electronic contract as legally binding as a paper-based contract.

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