What is the difference between the Ustream-Bot and Ustream-Bot-2?

The Ustream-Bot and Ustream-Bot-2 are distinctively different despite the similar names.

Most broadcasters and users will never see or come across the Ustream-Bot-2 or its numbered siblings (e.g.Ustream-Bots-2, Ustream-Bot-3, Ustream-Bot-4).

All the numbered bots are special chat protection bots that only join a chat when some sort of threat is detected. For example, it might join when following a user suspected of spamming malware or unsolicited commercial messages. Or it might have been alerted to possible hacking attempts or threatening language which was blocked by the chat servers or detected by Ustream-Bot. Once positively confirmed that any suspected users are up to no good, it'll quietly ban them, and move on, leaving your chat.

If you should notice that Ustream-Bot-2 or one of it's numbered siblings in your chat room you don't need to do anything special. Keep carrying on and do what you normally do. In fact, we'd appreciate it if you didn't draw attention to the bot as there no need to worry about it or cause alarm. In most cases it'll quietly do it's thing and leave on it's own very shortly after joining without anyone else noticing it was around.

It's important to note that the Ustream-Bot-2 and it's numbered siblings cannot be banned from any chat or be deactivated, like the Ustream-Bot can. Please don't attempt to kick or ban it as it may demote any moderators that do.