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The Ustream-Bot automatically joins channels once they have a specified number of users and parts when there is less than that number of users for several minutes. The number changes based on the current server load. So, you don't need to do anything to make it join.

The Ustream-Bot has a bunch of helpful features for broadcasters and chatroom moderators.

Please see How to use the Ustream-Bot

The Ustream-Bot and Ustream-Bot-2 are distinctively different despite the similar names.

Most broadcasters and users will never see or come across the Ustream-Bot-2 or its numbered siblings (e.g.Ustream-Bots-2, Ustream-Bot-3, Ustream-Bot-4).

The Ustream-Bot leaves and joins channels based on the current server load. If a broadcaster or moderator doesn't want it to perform automatic moderating functions, they can type !bot-off to deactivate it and stop it from performing these tasks.

Signing in to a Ustream chat is quick and simple:

Type a random character in the text input field and press enter on your keyboard or the Send button. It should then display login/signup options.

Once the prompt box for login appears fill in the requested fields, press enter or send, and start chatting.

IRC Clients are not officially supported by Ustream or but you maybe able to configure one to connect to Ustream's Chats.

In general, the server should be set to and the server password should be your Ustream password. Do not enter your Ustream Password as the Nick Password as it will not be sent to Ustream's servers in the correct format.

If a user is harassing you or another person you can ask the moderator of the chat room you are on to remove the harassing user. If the harassing user is the moderator then ask the show host if they can take care of the situation. In the unlikely event, you are being harassed by the show's host then it is best to stop watching that broadcast and look for something better on Ustream.

It's unlikely that you have been hacked. If someone is harassing you in Ustream chats please type !911 and Ustream Administrator will join the chat room to assist.

It's unlikely that you have been hacked. Attackers may attempt to use a nick that appears to be yours by using similar characters. If someone is harassing you in Ustream chats please type !911 and Ustream Administrator will join the chat room to assist.

Please only use the command in the event of an actual emergency. Our Admins treat all false !911 calls like most Police Departments do...but instead of going to jail...abusers may be indefinitely blocked from all Ustream chats.

For more information please see, When and when not to use the !911 command.

If you are banned from all Ustream chats, it is because you violated the Ustream Terms of Service.

If you were banned from a Ustream chat room, you were banned by either the broadcaster, moderator, a Ustream Admin or Ustream HelpOp, or a Ustream-Bot.

Broadcasters and moderators may ban users from their chat room at their own discretion and these bans cannot be appealed with Ustream. You will need to contact the broadcaster or moderator to lift these chatroom ban.

If you were banned from all Ustream chats and if the chat ban lasts for more than 3 hours they were not done by a fully automatic process and are unlikely an error. Each and every chat ban appeal received is read within 72 hours and if the ban can be reduced or removed you'll receive a reply.

Due to persistent excessive abuse we cannot continue to welcome non-direct connections to Ustream Chats. Shells, proxies, tor nodes, etc are prohibited. Once discovered they are permanently banned from connecting with the reason, "Abuse Proxy."

From time to time you might be shown a timer in the chat window and be required to wait x seconds before sending another chat message. This delay is automatically enabled when a the chat begins scrolling too fast to read because of the number of chat participants. With the delay enabled the chat moves at a readable pace.

Since it becomes impossible to follow a chat with too many users participating at the same time there is a maximum ceiling of 1480 users per chat room. If your chat should exceed this artificial limit, the excess number of users will be placed in another room so the chat doesn't become difficult to read and keep up with.