Frequently Asked Questions - Ustream-Bot Questions

Questions and answers related to Ustream-Bot.

The Ustream-Bot automatically joins channels once they have a specified number of users and parts when there is less than that number of users for several minutes. The number changes based on the current server load. So, you don't need to do anything to make it join.

The Ustream-Bot has a bunch of helpful features for broadcasters and chatroom moderators.

Please see How to use the Ustream-Bot

The Ustream-Bot and Ustream-Bot-2 are distinctively different despite the similar names.

Most broadcasters and users will never see or come across the Ustream-Bot-2 or its numbered siblings (e.g.Ustream-Bots-2, Ustream-Bot-3, Ustream-Bot-4).

The Ustream-Bot leaves and joins channels based on the current server load. If a broadcaster or moderator doesn't want it to perform automatic moderating functions, they can type !bot-off to deactivate it and stop it from performing these tasks.