How do I appeal a chat ban?

If you were banned from a Ustream chat room, you were banned by either the broadcaster, moderator, a Ustream Admin or Ustream HelpOp, or a Ustream-Bot.

Broadcasters and moderators may ban users from their chat room at their own discretion and these bans cannot be appealed with Ustream. You will need to contact the broadcaster or moderator to lift these chatroom ban.

If you are banned from all Ustream chats, it is because you violated the Ustream Terms of Service.

For Ustream-Bot, Ustream Admin, or Ustream HelpOp bans from all Ustream chats you may appeal the chat ban but if the ban lasts more than 3 hours they were not done by a fully automatic process and are unlikely an error. Please be sure to include all the required information or your appeal may be discarded without any further contact.