How do I ban someone from my chat?

While broadcasting you may ban any user from your chat room. You don't even need a reason.

To ban a user, any broadcaster or moderator can click on the user’s name and click “ban.” This will block the user’s IP address from the chat room. Note: This only applies to the current chat room.

We recommend that you assign a few trusted people as moderators to help encourage proper interaction in your chat room. But use caution in adding strangers who ask to be moderators, the can take advantage of you and ban everyone from your chat room!

TIP: Never respond to anyone who is harassing you, they will stop and move on to an easier target when they get absolutely no reaction.

If the experience should become overwhelming, remember you are in control, just press "STOP BROADCAST" and take a break from streaming or use the !911 emergency command.

Also see, Ustream Safety Tips.