Why does my computer perform so poorly while broadcasting?

Whenever possible it's best that broadcasters dedicate a computer solely for the purpose of streaming the broadcast to Ustream. Close all other open programs, including anti-virus and all other auto-start or memory-resident programs. Use another computer for the chat, social stream, web surfing, and all other tasks during the broadcast.

Keep in mind that live streaming requires your computer to encode the video and audio on the fly and simultaneously stream it to Ustream. This can be very processor and memory intensive and probably will utilize all of your system's available resources. In addition, powering each USB camera requires additional processor cycles and memory; the more cameras (and other USB devices) you have connected, the worse the performance will be. To make up for this, use a computer with a late model processor and install additional RAM. We recommended at least 4GB of RAM, plus an additional 1GB for each USB camera.

Windows PC may require even more RAM because the performance will be significantly worse on them. We recommend these specific Mac computers for live streaming because they have dedicated integrated video encoders and the Mac OS has also been specifically fine tuned to deliver superior performance while performing these types of tasks.