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Script Sharing and Feedback Rules

Find and share IRC Chat Client or Ustream API scripts.
Forum rules
Please take a moment to read the rules before sharing any scripts or replying to any posts in any of the Chat Script forums. Thank you!

If you'd like to share scripts for a client that doesn't have it's own forum please suggest it

Script Sharing and Feedback Rules

Postby usrbingeek » Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:41 pm

  1. Make your topic title descriptive as to what the script does but be as concise as possible. If requesting help, please don't use a subject like, "I need help". Instead, please stick to a description of what you want the script to do and prefix the subject with [Request] or [Need Help].
  2. Only post scripts that you wrote or have permission to share and always cite any persons who contributed or helped write it.

    By posting a script on the forum, you give other people permission to use and modify the script for their own use.
  3. Newbie scripters welcome! So feel free to post even if it's the first script you ever wrote, if your script needs improvement, or if you just need help writing one. If you're requesting a script or seeking help writing a script and it's not ready for use please be clear about this in the first line of the post. Please also don't forget to add the prefixes mentioned above to the post's subject line.
  4. Use the UBB Code Tags to share your scripts within your post. Please do not link to files or upload files unless there's multiple files and in that case please zip them first and attach it to your post instead of hosting elsewhere and linking it.
  5. Feedback Guidelines:

    1. When replying to a topic, please only provide constructive feedback.
    2. Be nice! Do not call people names or make fun of somebody's scripts or style regardless of how well their scripts work or don't.
    3. Do not reply to posts just because you might dislike a script, the way the author did things, or if you don't see a need for the script. Any negative or hurtful replies are prohibited, maybe removed, and trolls and even negative nellies may be banned.
  6. Malicious or abusive scripts and all executables prohibited. Hiding any malicious functions in your script is prohibited. Due to security concerns, executables are also prohibited. DLLs are only permitted if you post the full source of your DLL as well as any significant compile parameters. We reserve the right to remove any script or file posted.
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