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Useful commands for chat moderators using an IRC client

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Useful commands for chat moderators using an IRC client

Postby BearMika » Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:35 pm

Hi. Im a moderator on one of the ustream chat channels. #north-american-bear-center-w. We have to keep it family friendly since the reason for its existence is to teach about bears. Especially to kids. Which is nice and Ustreams adobe flash based chat client did well at giving me tools to accomplish that. Thank you. However I have an old tin lizzy computer running an athlon cpu without SSE2 but with a Linux operating system. So adobe flash clients and went from being consistently unstable unreliable and problematic while running chat and a live stream (as you can probably swear to on the ulcers and bar tabs of your server IT crew and whoever paid to make an app for ustream to ply on ipads and androids) all the way to completely unusable for me and indeed most Linux and many mac users. So I switched to an IRC client (Xchat) to chat on and spent a lot of effort splicing together enough flash to watch the live stream with on Linux and prayed to the gods of internet sanity for eventual HTML5 live streams from ya'll.

Once i changed over to an IRC client to moderate a chat channel (Xchat is my Client I use as a moderator after trying most all IRC clients , even Light IRC the flash based client which ustreams chat client seems to be a fork of. XChat is best for modding while Chatzilla seems user friendliest for simple chatting) BUT as good as it was being able to connect reliably and accurately and speedily using an IRC client, I had to figure out ways to moderate a flash based chatroom without all the mod tools in ustreams flash client. Doubly so since there is still some wrong (outdated from info on your help faqs regarding commands to use. On that page you still give the exclamation point command lines which do not seem to work on flash based or simple IRC clients.) So as an IRC newb with no direction to turn I went into your help channels. Always got friendly and polite help but few of your help Techs know a lot more than a newb about coding IRC commands which are only found in ustreams flash IRC client. Many times the ones who seem to know most are the ones who are the busiest especially during days with server probs. as anything since ustream is in the top ten maybe top five largest busiest IRC chatservers in the world. But it only helped me a little. I still needed to be able to delete comments and toggle the capability to post URLs and to Pause Chat and to unpause chat and to slow chat and to unslow (yes I know theres no such word as unslow) chat with an IRC client or quit doing volunteer work for Not even the mighty Google could shed any light on it for me. Just dead ends and crybags from justin TV and Wyldride and others noaning for the good old days of streaming. And IRC coding gods were too far above my Newb IRC level to give much pity or direction to me. We were seperated by huge language and learning barriers

But thats just my rant explaining why and how I got here on Ustream's Helpful Ideas from Ustream User's section of your help forums. I come bearing the gift of usable command line syntax for anyone else who finds themself moderating in my shoes. There will be a small answer for IRC newb questions about this and it WILL be on Ustreams help forum (unless you delete my post because Im overly aggressive towards that slimy outfit adobe who uses Linux apache servers to make a mint off of flash while not seeing fit to support Linux or make flash work.properly on ANY platform. But i digress

Without much further adio here are some codes which a moderator using a regular IRC client can use on ustream chat channels to perform needed moderator functions:

To pause your chat channel so that no users except moderators can post comments:
/mode #your-channel-name-here +P

To unpause your chat channell and allow comments from users:
/mode #your-channel-name-here -P

To slow your chat channel for normal (non moderator) users. Users must wait 60 seconds between posting comments.
/mode #your-channel-name-here +Z 60

To unslow your chat channel for all users:
/mode #your-channel-name-here -Z

To allow all chatters to post links in your chat channel:
/mode #your-channel-name-here -U

To prevent all users from from posting links in your chat channel:
/mode #your-channel-name-here +U

To find out the hostmask of a user who has recently (5 minutes or less) left your chat channel. (for instance the user might be a hit-and-run troll who has already left your channel, but you still want enough information to ban him so he cannot return):
/WHOWAS nickname_of_targetted_user

To delete a specific comment made by a specific user from your channel so that other users cannot see it. :
/notice #your-channel-name-here REMOVE nickname_of_targetted_user exact_text_which_will_be_deleted

In the above command lines you need to be careful to use the exact capitalization of letters and spacing that you see or it will not work. Also you need to replace the colored text with the proper text from your chat channel and situation.

So you will replace #your-channel-name-here with your channel name. It might be something like #supercool-video-1-1-1 or #my-ustream-chat-channel. But it belongs to you, it starts with a " # " and there is no other exactly the same on ustream servers

You will replace nickname_of_targetted_user with the full user nickname of the user you want a command top act upon. So if his nickname is TommyTwoToneTroll22 be sure to type or copy/paste in the whole TommyTwoToneTroll22 not just Tommy or TommyTwoToneTroll.

You will replace exact_text_which_will_be_deleted with the exact string of letters numbers and spaces you want removed. If you forget a space or anything else the ustream servers wont be able to find a match and nothing will be deleted. Copy/paste is your pal here.

OK if I ever get real ambitious i might do a small tutorial on how to easily implement these long strings with only a few keystrokes in X chat. Especially if anyone shows interest.

Who am I kidding? Nobody but maybe a very bored Evelyn wood read all the way through a rant and wall of text to reach the end of this post :) There wont be interest.
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Postby Sponsored Links » Fri Aug 27, 2004 12:01 am

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Re: Useful commands for chat moderators using an IRC client

Postby usrbingeek » Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:38 pm

BearMika wrote:Doubly so since there is still some wrong (outdated from info on your help faqs regarding commands to use. On that page you still give the exclamation point command lines which do not seem to work on flash based or simple IRC clients.)

hmm. They won't work if you have any space or any other characters before the exclamation point. Some also require you to be OPed (a moderator).

In any case, all those commands on that page are up to date and are working.
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