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Need help or a consultant.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:46 pm
by highred
Since July 2016 we have tried to live stream a monthly meeting to our customers. We originally started with Google Hangouts / YouTube. It was difficult to coordinate and set up each month and we never suceeded. In December, we decided to buy all new equipment and purchase a USTREAM account. We followed their instructions for the type of equipment to buy, and also purchased USTREAM Producer. Last month I traveled to Greensboro, NC for our monthly meeting. I tested the WI-FI connection which indicated well over 50MPS. We started the Live Stream and within 3 minutes, it crashed. We tried over and over to restart and each time, we lost the connection. USTREAM will not help and just sends me links to their knowledge base to read. I think we are very close to having a live streaming event up and running, I just don't know how to configure everything. My guess is that their default broadcast settings are too high, or suck up too much bandwidth for the WI-FI connection to keep up. We don't need high def, we just need a live stream video that can be seen and heard. I am hoping someone here can lean in to see what I am doing wrong and tweak my set-up. Or, offer some suggestions.

Is there a consutling firm or a service that can help us? I am scheduled to do another Live Streaming meeting on 2-23 and need help soon! I cannot afford to blow this again...

Thank you,

Rob Caldwell