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Postby Teressa » Sat May 15, 2010 10:32 am

To connect your Ustream account with Facebook Connect follow these steps:

1) Click the Facebook Connect Button and Log In

2) Enter in your Ustream user-name and password. (Or if you don't have a Ustream account, you can make one and set it up so facebook is linked with it by following the steps here within.)

3) Log in! That was easy? Now next time you come to Ustream all you have to do is hit the "Facebook Connect" button and you'll be logged in instantly!

You can share the following actions:

1) Broadcasting! When you press the "Start Broadcast" button in the broadcast console you will get a pop up asking if you would like to send this to your Facebook news feed. Click this button on the pop-up to let your facebook friends know your live on Ustream.

2) Recording a show ! Once you’re done recording a video and you have named it, you will get a pop up asking if you would like to send this to your Facebook news feed. This allows your Facebook friends to actually be able to watch the Ustream video on Facebook.

3) Creating a show. A pop up will appear after you save your show asking your permission to send a notification to Facebook. If you have took the steps of setting your Ustream account up with Facebook then just simply click the button that appears to show the link to your friends at facebook.

4) Sharing a show! It only takes one click , A special button just for users with Facebook Connect has been added to all show pages directly under the video player. Click "Tell your friends what you're watching" and instantly the show will appear in your friend's news feed.

If you need more help, feel free to join the Live help channel
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