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Download Recorded Videos

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:11 am
by SnowPhoenix9999
If you record your broadcasts when you make them, Ustream will allow you to download them as FLV files when you are finished. The instructions for finding the download link are detailed below:

1. From your Dashboard, select "Channel" on the menu of the left side of the Dashboard.
2. If you have multiple shows, make sure to select the one that you used when making the recorded broadcast you wish to download.
3. Click on "Videos" beneath the name of the show on the left-hand menu.
4. Click on the Edit button next to the video you wish to download. (The Edit button is the one that has a picture of a wrench.)
5. The "Download .FLV" link will appear below the video on the Edit box.