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Stream On Ubuntu

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Stream On Ubuntu

Postby Teressa » Sat May 15, 2010 10:50 am

First, you need to download and install WebcamStudio.
Click the download link and either: choose to open the file with GDebi, or: save it to your computer and double click it. ... 43706.html

WebCamStudio uses Java, So once installed if WCS won't so try loading WCS by clicking on its name in Applications > Sound & Video. Did it load? If so, jump ahead to PulseAudio. If it has not loaded, try this:

Check the java directory mentioned in: /usr/bin/webcamstudio. So you will need to:

sudo gedit /usr/bin/webcamstudio

and look for the line beginning with JAVA_DIR, :


So, check where your Java is installed and put its /bin directory in the JAVA_DIR line.

Now WebCamStudio should load no problem.


PulseAudio partly installed by default in Jaunty (9.04), but we need to install the PulseAudio Manager widget. So in the package manager, search for the package named: paman. It will install the PulseAudio Manager, and a few other bits and bobs.

If you check your Applications > Sound & Video menu, you will see a new entry which is for PulseAudio Device Chooser. Click it to start it, and you will notice a new icon has appeared on your tray (looks like the end of a cord you plug into the wall.)


In WebCamStufio, you should see a PLAY button grayed/blocked out with PAUSE and STOP available.

If the virtual webcam is not playing, exit WCS, open a command line and try:

sudo chmod 666 /dev/video*

To make sure you are in the video group thus enabling the loop back device. So, load up WebCamStudio again and check that the virtual device is playing.
Click the STOP button in the Virtual Webcam tab and edit the FPS (set it at 24 or 25) and webcam size. Your Output Device should say "video loopback". If you are satisfied with those options, click PLAY to restart the virtual webcam.

**Select the Preview tab on WebCamStudio, and click the "+" icon which is on the top left hand side of the WebCamStudio window.
**Select whatever you want to broadcast,then click the small play button (on the left) to preview the file in the preview tab.(Don't want sound? Log in to your Ustream account and check your source settings to make sure they are set to WebCamStudio and you should be streaming live.)

**Left click the PulseAudio icon in your tray and select Configure Local Sound Server then, in the window that appears, click the Simultaneous Output tab, then check the box beside "Add Virtual output for simultaneous output on all local sound cards"
**Next, left click the PulseAudio (PA) icon, again, and choose Volume Control. If you have previously previewed a video in WCS you will see WebcamStudio mentioned in the Volume Control window, if not, try playing something in WebCamStudio. You should see the volume bars flicker with the video sound.
**Right click on WebCamStudio name (in the Volume Control window) and Click on the Move Stream > Simultaneous Output option.
**Go to Ustream, login and click BROADCAST NOW.
You should see a new listing under Audio Source settings called "ALSA plug-in"

You should see your video playing (prior to going live) in the Ustream window, with the VU meter flickering if you have audio.Click START BROADCAST! TADA You are now live streaming Audio and Video with Ubuntu and Ustream
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