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Clear Flash Cache

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:53 am
by Teressa
It's very simple, but if you have feel that you might not be able to follow the simple instruction set forth on the following link then it best not to attempt it. Flash objects can use special cookies that allow them to store data needed to make things work, but these cookies can also prevent things from working if they get messed up. For example, if they get messed up, you might not be able to stream. If you believe a Flash cookie issue (as opposed to a normal browser cookie issue) is preventing you from streaming or watching video on the site, follow the simple guide with the link to clear ALL things dealing with the Ustream Site. After doing so restart your system and then trying to log in to you Ustream Site and see if this fixes the problems you might be encountering.

You can use the Website Storage Settings panel right on this link to do what you need to do. PLEASE be sure to read over the link before trying to make any changes to your System. Generally you will only want to delete content from and in your troubleshooting attempt. ... ger07.html