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Webcam Issues and Fixes

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Webcam Issues and Fixes

Postby Teressa » Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:54 pm

Commen WebCam issues and how to fix them:

How do I know if my webcam is working?
Many times even though we our certain are webcam is working we really dont know if it is or now. You can go to the following link and test you webcam to make sure it is working. Most webcams have an LED that lights up when the webcam is working. You can also go to the following site to test your webcam: anytime to see if your webcam is working and how your webcam appears to others. Record yourself on the test tool and play it back, and you will be able to see your webcam fps rating below the play back window. If you get an empty box instead of a webcam image then your webcam is either disabled or the software drivers are corrupted. Go to Control Panel,Hardware, Devices and look for your webcam. Go through the tabs to make sure it is Enabled. If you don’t see your webcam, or you can’t click enable, then you will need to reload the software drivers, either from disc or the manufacturer’s website. Once you think you have it working you may want to reboot your computer.

How can I improve the webcam image quality?
Ustream recommends that you have at least 400kbps. Before doing anything else go to and click the star closest to you to find out your speed. There are 3 major factors to your webcam image quality: webcam quality, lighting, and bandwidth. External webcams usually have better specifications than built-in webcams. Be sure to use a webcam that supports 1.3Mp or better real image resolution (not “enhanced”) as well as 30 frames per second (fps). Always have light shining on your face and never behind you. Put a lamp on your table if needed, have your overhead lights on, and make sure any light behind you is muted as much as possible (for example close the curtains if there is a window behind you). The more bandwidth the better. Use a wired connection instead of wireless.

What is Webcam fps and how do I improve it?

Webcam frames per second can make a big difference in the image quality.You can use the follow link for lots of useful information on what impacts fps, how to test your webcam fps, and things you can do to improve it.

What Webcams are recommended with Ustream?

Ustream is compatible with many devices. Here are a few that are popular among our community:

1. Built-in webcam in laptops - these webcams are actually very good for video chats. Sony, Dell, and many of the major computer manufacturers are embedding webcams and they work well with Ustream.

2. Camcorders - the Sony DCR-HC38 is also very popular among those in our community who want the ability to zoom, record a local backup via tape, and want to mount a camera on a tripod for panning/tilting, etc.

3. Webcams - the Logitech QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks is also very popular among the Ustream community. These retail for approximately $50 USD at major electronics retail stores.

4. High-end production cameras - the Panasonic AG-DVX100B Digital Video Camera/Recorder is very popular among the professional webcasting community. This high-end camera is used by major media companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations. This device has many features including the ability to adjust advanced audio/video settings.

5. Mobile phones - you can go to to reference currently supported handsets. Check back often because Ustream is always innovating and bringing exciting products to our community.

You can also use this page to get an idea of Webcams that work with Ustream

If your are still having problems You should check out the other workshops here on the Official Helpers site, and use the Ustream Support Centers;
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