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Add Logo To Stream

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Add Logo To Stream

Postby Teressa » Sat May 15, 2010 11:03 am

First add a text layer in the broadcast panel

*In the broadcast panel click on Text & Videos tab.
*Click Add and select Text
*Select your Font type, size and style
*Select the text color and set background color to Transparent (click on Background color and check the Transparent checkbox)
*Write your text and click Add button
*Click Show preview, place the logo to the correct place and click Push on air

*You can only add text as logo, no images.
*You have only few fonts and font sizes to choose from.
*Text layer will not be saved, when you record a video.


For MacOS use CamTwist:
*Download program from ... _get_it.3F and istall.
*Restart the computer after you install the program.
*Open camtwist and select your camera from the Video Sources list, from the effects column choose Image Overlay
*Select the image,position it to the correct place. It also gives you scale, rotation and transparency options

For linux kernel use WebcamStudio:
*Download it from´and install
*Restart the computer after you install the program.
*Open WebcamStudio, click Sources, select your camera source, resize it if needed, click sources,click Image,select the image and click OK, resize and position it to the correct location. TO change the transparency click Display, select Advanced Options and change the Opacity.
*I wasn't able to get .png images to work, so i suggest you saving them as .gif if you need a logo with a transparent background.
*To preview your stream click Output and select Show Preview.

Workshop credit goes to tehWKD
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