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Make An Audio Mixer

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Make An Audio Mixer

Postby Teressa » Sat May 15, 2010 12:10 pm

Things needed:

* 2 x 3.5mm audio splitters ($2-$5)
* 3.5 male jack to 3.5 male jack audio cable ($2-$5)
* microphone
* headphones/earphones/speakers
* computer with audio input and output jacks


*If you dont want to listen, but only 1 splitter

*Play around with output volume settings(speaker icon next to clock in windows), for me the best quality is around 20

*You can also add a mp3 player, your phone, cd player, vinyl player, second mic, cassette player, other computer, ..... just need to find a cable that has the correct jack at one end and 3.5mm male jack at the other end (computer)

*You could also use microphone, stereomix and VAC (Virtual Audio Cable), but its easier to spend few $ on the parts, then trying to get VAC to work (i have tried few times, but failed badly).

Workshop credit goes to tehWKD
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