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Embedding Ustream Shows on Facebook Fan Pages

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Embedding Ustream Shows on Facebook Fan Pages

Postby SnowPhoenix9999 » Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:46 pm

The following tutorial was written by community member Harley:

Copy the embed code from your show player on
Paste the code into Notepad, TextEdit or your preferred text-editor.
Find the line starting with "embed".
Copy the text between the quotes in flashvars="cid=1881569&autoplay=false"
Change the "&" to an ampersand "&".
Add the remaining text to the end of this:
Code: Select all

You should now have a URL looking something like:
Code: Select all

Click on that URL and copy the new URL from your browser's navigation bar.

Edit the below code with that URL you recived, and keep this safe we
will be using it later.

Code: Select all
swfsrc="PASTE_URL_HERE" width="650" height="500" wmode="transparent"
width='480' height='296' waitforclick='false' />

Now go to your Facebook Fan page and click on the "Edit Info" below your Title.
Click on the Apps
You should see a suggestion for "Static FBML", if so, click on "Go to
App" below it and skip the next few steps for finding it.
If you do not see it:
    Click on "Browse more applications" at the bottom of the page.
    Search for "Static FBML"
    Click on the App's name
    Click "Add To My Page" below the Profile Image.
    Go back to your Apps page and click "Go to App" below it's name.
In the "Box Title" field, you can enter a name for the player's page.
This can be like "Player" or "Live Show".
In the FBML box you will need to paste the code we generated at the start.
Then click Save Changes and you're done!

Sources: ... ml/iframe/ ... ith-fb-swf
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