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Moderate A Busy Channel

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Moderate A Busy Channel

Postby UstreamHelpers » Sat May 15, 2010 12:43 pm

The Best Ways on Moderating and picking Ops/Moderators for a busy or any channel:

These are guidelines I recommend for a busy channel when you are a moderator:

1. A channel needs a decent amount of moderators because you may be busy on your stream, doing other things, or away from the computer. You may require moderators for your channel to look after your chat wile your away or busy, but if you have to many mods in your channel it may cause people to ask "Why am I not a moderator?" or "Can I become a moderator?" People who say that tend to want power to do anything they want in your channel.

2. When giving moderator status to someone in your chat, you are saying "I trust this user not to do anything that would harm my channel." You may want to add persistent mods to your channel by going to Dashboard > Channels > (channel name) > Chat. In the white box, type the name you want to add to the persistent moderator list, then click on that name when it shows up in the auto-complete list and select "Add as moderator".

Another option would be to grant them temporary moderator status to see if they are good at performing the tasks of moderators. To do so, just left click on their name in the chat and select "Make-Mod".

3. When giving someone moderator status on Ustream Chat, they have the power to ban/kick your viewers. Therefore you will need to be able to trust this user. Get to know them before you give them moderator status.

4. If a user constantly swears and is very aggressive towards users in the channel or offends people by what they say, this means that this user cannot be trusted with chat responsibilities. It is recommend that this user is not given moderator status in your chat.

5. Although your appointed moderators should not be able to ban you from your channel under normal circumstances, if this does happen, go to or you can type in the chat your in /join #help and explain to the moderators and admins that someone has banned you from your channel.

People who are in the Moderator or Broadcaster list in the help chat are either Helpers, Ustream Chat Moderators, Ustream Chat Admins, or Ustream Staff.

In general:
Red = Ustream Volunteer Team Member (on shift)
Blue = Ustream Volunteer Team Member (off shift)

If a Ustream Chat Moderator or Admin offers to unban you, you will be asked to paste in your channel address (Show Page) into the help chat. A Ustream Chat Moderator or Admin will verify that this is you and you are the owner of the channel. This is for security reasons to ensure you're not overriding a legitimate ban.

While you are waiting for a Moderator or Admin to unban you, we recommend removing the person who banned you from your Persistent Moderator List so they cannot ban you from your room again.

6. You can request a Ustream Chat Moderator to help moderate your chat at any time, Just join the Help Channel or type /join #help and request some moderators to help with the channel.

7. If you don't want a Helper in your channel, just say so and Helpers will leave. Administrators reserve the right to stay in your channel due to security reasons, but they too will most likely leave if asked.

8. When moderating, look out for persistent spamming as this could slow down your chat. If you find that you receive PM spam when you join a channel, please let us know.

9. You can call for a Ustream Chat Moderator or Admin for emergencies, Just type !911 in any channel and a Ustream Chat Moderator or Admin will Join your channel and will be able to assist you, Only use this if you have to and you can't control your channel. This can be done even if your not a moderator in the channel. Ustream Chat Moderators and Admins are not Bots; they are real people (except HelpServ, [HELP], and Ustream-Bot). Abuse of this command could get you GLine/Ban from the Ustream Chat Network! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

If you are uncertain of when this command should and should not be used, please review the following page:

10. If you have left your busy channel, and have re-joined to find that you and your moderators have no status in your chat, this means your channel has been split in two. This is nothing to worry about, but when your channel reaches 1480 or more, your channel will be split which means that people who can't go in to the main channel will go in to the split channel.

For instance: If #help reaches 1480 or more, the channel will be split and those who cant join #help will join #help_1 instead. This will only happen if a channel reaches the limit of 1480 set by Ustream or a lower limit set by the either the broadcaster or a moderator. Otherwise users will only be able to join #help_1 if they type /join #help_1 in the chat.

An administrator will be able to force join you to the main channel if you wish. All you have to do is ask a Ustream Chat Moderator in the Live Help channel. This may take a few minutes but will happen all of a sudden. If your channel owner and your channel has been split, you can request to have your moderator status reinstated on that split channel. Again, just ask a Ustream Chat Moderator in the Live Help channel.

11. Finally the last thing is to have fun and chat away!

If you like to know who is a Ustream Chat Moderator or Administrator of you can take a look at the Profile List found at

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