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XSplit Broadcaster

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XSplit Broadcaster

Postby UstreamHelpers » Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:37 pm

This tutorial explains an alternative method of broadcasting on Ustream. If you have problems with Ustream Producer, Ustream Producer Pro, or Wirecast then XSplit is NOT the answer. The reason being that this software is in beta, it is very CPU intensive and a few of the setting windows take a few seconds to open the first time you use it.


- First, sign up for
- Create a show (or channel, they are one in the same thing).
- Install XSplit which can be found at
- Start XSplit, you will need to sign up with the XSplit service as well. This is not part of Ustream but they require you to sign up to use their software, including the beta software.
- From the main screen of XSplit (see attachment) click on BROADCAST, choose EDIT CHANNELS. The first time it will be black, click on ADD and select
- Ustream Properties, type in your Ustream username and password and wait several seconds.
- Select the channel or show you want to broadcast to. (h.264 is the only video codec supported and will not work with mobile viewers).
- Select the audio format you wish to use, leave the default if unsure of this setting.
- Click OK
- Click Apply
- Click OK - You should be back on the main XSplit window now
- Click on tools, select settings
- Select the tab text of GENERAL so you can see the microphone/sound settings. It is recommended to NOT click on silence detection at this moment.
- Click Apply
- Click OK
- From the main window click ADD to add a camera, video file, remote stream (RTSP * Using this option is extremely CPU and memory when doing a remote stream, proceed with caution).
- Make sure the preview looks as desired for the Ustream broadcast.
- Click on BROADCAST and select Ustream. The title color will become red indicating the broadcast is live on Ustream.

* You can edit scenes and move objects around while broadcasting; it will automatically update and broadcast to Ustream.

How do I record this to Ustream? Here's how:
- Login to using a web browser (not your phone app)
- Click on Go Live.
- Select the same channel/show that XSplit is using and wait for it to load.
- Be sure to click START RECORDING and make sure not to click STOP BROADCAST as it will stop XSplit.
- When finished with recording click STOP RECORDING and save the video as you would using the web broadcaster.

* Often closing the browser window at this point will stop the broadcast since XSplit is broadcasting through the web based broadcaster.

Check out these demos of XSplit in action:
Video demo #1 -
Video demo #2 detailed -

* Workshop credit goes to iscifitv aka jeffnorris
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