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[How to] DV/Firewire CAM with Producer

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[How to] DV/Firewire CAM with Producer

Postby Teressa » Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:29 pm

1) Connect your camera to the computer via the firewire cable and turn it on.

For Pc: You'll need to have a Firewire (IEEE 1394) cable that has 4 pin on the end to connect to your camera (this port is sometimes called "Mini DV out," Sony, calls it "iLink") and 4 pin, 6 pin or 9 pin on the other end to connect to your computer, depending on which type of ports your computer has.

For Mac: Most MAC's already have this standard port.

2) Open and log in to your Ustream Producer Platform.

3) To the middle right hand side of the Producer window click on the "HeadPhone Icon". Mute your speakers.

4) Click on the "Broadcast Settings" button. ( toward the bottom ), select the appropriate preset and available bandwidth.

5) If you do not see the video from your camera in the thumbnail preview under the broadcaster window, Click the "Add Shot" button towards the middle on the left side (camera icon), choose your DV
camera from the list.

6) Make sure ‘Camera Aspect Ratio’ is set appropriately.

7) Click on the thumbnail so your video appears in the main window.

8 ) Verify the program is picking up your audio by monitoring the audio meter on the right. (If you do not see any levels changing when you speak, Click the "Large Microphone Icon " on the middle right hand side, select the DV camera. If you have the Producer audio inputs set correctly and you still do not see any audio levels, check the settings on your camera. It may be set to use a "line in" or external microphone rather than the built in mic. )

9) Click "Start Broadcasting" button.

If you wish to record your broadcast then you will need to click "Start Recording" button". ( Keep in mind once you are done broadcasting you will want to stop your recording, Label, Tag and Save the Recording and then Stop the broadcasting. If you stop the broadcasting before stopping and saving your recording, you risk the chances of loosing your recorded broadcast.)
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Re: [How to] DV/Firewire CAM with Producer

Postby Colvard » Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:40 am

Great step-by-step guide, very easy to follow. Thanks for taking time to post it.
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