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User Modes On Ustream IRC

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User Modes On Ustream IRC

Postby Teressa » Fri May 14, 2010 7:11 pm

Below is a complete list of user modes that can be used on the Ustream IRC Network:

* o = Global IRC Operator
* O = Local IRC Operator
* a = Is a Services Administrator
* A = Is a Server Administrator
* N = Is a Network Administrator
* C = Is a Co Administrator

* d = Makes it so you can not receive channel PRIVMSGs (Deaf)
* g = Can read & send to GlobOps, and LocOps
* h = Available for Help (Help Operator)
* i = Invisible (Not shown in /WHO searches)
* p = Hide all channels in /whois and /who
* q = Only U:lines can kick you (Services Admins/Net Admins only)
* r = Identifies the nick as being Registered (settable by services only)
* s = Can listen to Server notices
* t = Says that you are using a /VHOST
* v = Receive infected DCC send rejection notices
* w = Can listen to Wallop messages
* x = Gives the user Hidden Hostname (security)
* y = Marks the user as being registered on
* z = Marks the client as being on a Secure Connection (SSL)
* B = Marks you as being a Bot
* G = Filters out all Bad words in your messages with
* H = Hide IRCop status in /WHO and /WHOIS. (IRC Operators only)
* R = Allows you to only receive PRIVMSGs/NOTICEs from registered (+r) users
* S = For Services only. (Protects them)
* T = Prevents you from receiving CTCPs
* V = Marks the client as a WebTV user
* W = Lets you see when people do a /WHOIS on you (IRC Operators only)

If you need additional assistance on any of these modes please feel free to ask in #Help
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