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Basic Ustream Channel Modes and Usage

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Basic Ustream Channel Modes and Usage

Postby Teressa » Fri May 14, 2010 7:15 pm

Learn about channel commands to better control your Ustream show, check it out.
Commands you may find the most useful

• Z 'time in seconds' = Slow mode (Only increments of 60 seconds work on web chat) [o]
• P = Pause mode (Allows only broadcasters and moderators to speak in the channel) [o]
• U = No links permitted in channel (replaced with <URL removed>) [o]
• Y = Must have a registered nick on to join the channel [o]

User Channel Modes:
• v 'nickname' = Gives +Voice to the user (May talk if channel is +m) [h]
• h 'nickname' = Gives %HalfOp status to the user (Limited op access) [o]
• o 'nickname' = Gives @Operator status to the user [o]
• a 'nickname' = Gives &Channel Admin to the user [q]
• q 'nickname' = Gives ~Owner status to the user [q]
• b '[email protected]' = Bans the [email protected] from the channel [h]
• e = Overrides a ban for matching users [h]

Commands that are generally preset

• m = Moderated channel (only users that are registered on, or +vhoaq users, may speak) [h]
• G = Filters out all bad words in messages (replaced with <censored>) [o]
• n = Users outside the channel can not send messages to the channel [h]
• t = Only broadcasters and moderators (+hoaq) may change the topic [h]
• T = No NOTICEs allowed in the channel [o]
• C = No CTCPs allowed in the channel [o]
• f 'lines':'seconds' = Flood protection [o]
(Users will be kicked after saying 'lines' in 'seconds' and banned if • is specified)
example: /mode #chatroom +f [3t]:5

Commands that give you more control

• i = A user must be invited to join the channel [h]
• K = /KNOCK is not allowed (Mode i must be set as a prerequisite) [o]
• V = /INVITE is not allowed [o]
• k 'password' = Users must specify a password to join the channel [h]
• S = Strips mIRC color codes [o]
• c = Block messages containing mIRC color codes [o] (Recommended to use mode S when possible)
• N = No nickname changes are permitted in the channel [o]
• Q = No kicks allowed [o]
• s = Secret channel [o]
• p = Private channel [o]

Commands that can't be used and are NOT recommended

• l = Channel may hold at most the amount of specified users (Chat limits are set automatically on Ustream, this mode should only be managed by Ustream chat administration) [o]
• L 'channel' = Channel link (If +l reaches capacity, the next user will join the specified overflow room; chat links are set automatically on Ustream, this mode should only be managed by Ustream chat administration) [q]
• R = [s]Only registered (+r) users may join the channel[/s] (All users are blocked from joining the channel on Ustream; mode not recommended for use on Ustream chat) [o]
• M = Must be using a registered nick (+r) to talk (This mode is equivalent to +m on Ustream chat since user registration is measured through user mode y; please use +m instead to avoid confusion) [o]
• u = Auditorium mode (/names and /who #channel only show channel ops) [q]
• z = Only Clients on a Secure Connection (SSL) can join [o]
• r = The channel is registered (settable by services only; this mode does not exist on Ustream chat) [o]
• O = IRC Operator only channel (settable by IRCops; not usable by users)
• A = Server/Net Admin only channel (settable by Admins; not usable by users)

Requirement legend and command usage

• [%h] requires at least halfop (moderator)
• [@o] requires at least chanop (moderator)
• [~q] requires owner (broadcaster)

• Please note modes +fGmntU are default modes on all channels.
• To remove a channel mode from your channel simply type /mode #yourchannel -modehere
(Replace #yourchannel with the name of your chat)
• To add a channel mode to your channel simply type /mode #yourchannel +modehere
(Replace #yourchannel with the name of your chat)

If you need additional assistance on any of these modes please feel free to ask in #help at
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