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Setup Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FME/FMLE) on Ustream

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Setup Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FME/FMLE) on Ustream

Postby Teressa » Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:15 pm

To start using Flash Media Live Encoder with Ustream, follow these instructions:

1) First you will need to download the Flash Media Encoder from the follow link:

2)Download your show's XML file
    a) From your Dashboard, select Manage Your Show.
    b) If you have multiple shows, select the show you wish to download the XML file for on the left hand menu. Otherwise, just continue to Step 2c.
    c) Click on the Settings link on the left for the show you've selected.
    d) Click on the Advanced Settings link near the bottom of the Settings page. Once you do so, you will find the "Download the Flash Media Encoder XML file" link for your show.

3)Open FME then open your show's XML file from the saved location.
To open your XML file, click "File" -> "Open".

(Note: if you currently have the Ustream broadcast console open, please close it before opening and starting FMLE. )

4)Click "Start" in FME

5) Open up the broadcast console by clicking "Go Live!" on the top-right corner of the Ustream site. If you correctly started FME, the broadcast console will automatically locate the FME stream.

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