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Upload Pre-Recored Videos

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Upload Pre-Recored Videos

Postby Teressa » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:45 pm

There are Two ways to do this:

1. From streams previously recorded on Ustream: Go to the broadcast console, click on the ‘Text & Videos’ tab, then click on the ‘New Recorded Video’ button. From there, you can highlight the video you would like to stream, click ‘select’, click ‘add’, click ‘show preview’, and finally click ‘push on air.’ At this point your Ustream video will be cued to be played. Press the 'Start Boardcasting" button at the bottom of the page to start the video.

2. From videos saved on your computer: To "directly" play a video you must use CamTwist or WebCamMax and have the video file saved onto your computer. YouTube does not allow you to save a video to your computer, however, Google Video does let you. "Direct" Way Once you have a video saved on your computer, open up CamTwist and select Movies from the (Step 1) Video Sources menu. -Drag and drop your video into the Playlist. -Click Play. "Indirect" Way -Open up the YouTube video in a webpage. -Select "Desktop" from the Video Source menu then choose the "Select Capture Area" function. -Adjust the capture area so that it only captures the YouTube video screen. Click done. Note: this will NOT pick up the audio as well. In order to get the audio for the video you have to use either Sound Flower (Mac) to internally route the audio; or you can get an 1/8" jack to 1/8" jack and insert it into your Built-In Output and Built-In Input and select "Built-in Input" from the Audio Sources drop down menu. You will need to have your audio source hooked up before opening the Ustream broadcast console.
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