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Got a Suggestion?

Postby UstreamHelpers » Sat May 22, 2010 8:34 am

We want to hear what you have to say about Ustream or the Ustream Help Team! Post any suggestions you have here by starting a new topic. It's okay to be blunt sometimes :)
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Postby Sponsored Links » Fri Aug 27, 2004 12:01 am

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Re: Got a Suggestion?

Postby VacaDude » Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:34 pm

I was wondering if there was any way to create custom emoticons, or to request one to be provided? Something, ANYTHING that had a waving goodbye (or it could double as hello!) motion would be really cool. Great for people leaving and entering chat, but also for all us thousands of Molly the Barn Owl watchers...the owltets are leaving the nest. IUt would be great to be able to wave goodbye! ::sniff::
Cheers, John (VacaDude)

Re: Got a Suggestion?

Postby marcel01 » Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:21 am

No, you can't create custom icons. Ustream can add them to the flash chat only. I am not really sure, but you can try to email [email protected]
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Re: Got a Suggestion?

Postby janejenny » Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:58 am

too bad,there're rarely any registered members here
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Re: Got a Suggestion?

Postby vandijkie1974 » Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:44 pm

A few things actually,

I was thinking about Ignore function for chatters, where is that option?
Why is there no Refresh button anymore? Now we have to refresh the whole page or pause the stream.
The last thing i've noticed the option to let Ustreamers talk without logging in is gone also.

Would you please take those things in consideration?

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Re: Got a Suggestion?

Postby grigione » Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:31 am

hello i want suggest to insert a snapshot feature similar to to give possibility to users clicking a button to take snapshot of
current live streaming and save to hard disk or post in their websites
What do you think?
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Re: Got a Suggestion?

Postby tvpRich » Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:20 pm

Why is Ustream's User Channel Features so antiquated? For example the running off-air slideshow of my channel. As it is now I have to...
1. Choose +add
2. navigate to your desired photos on pc
3. choose Browse
4. choose a single image
5. choose save
6. Choose Upload
7. Choose "Save" at end

Why such unnecessary moves for each and every picture uploaded?
So if I have want a simple 10 picture slideshow, I have to go through over 70 (Yes Fifty) steps? That's Crazy Ludicrous!

Why not have it like this?

1. Choose add
2. navigate to your desired photos on pc
3. choose one or many photos
4. Drag and drop one or many photos onto the Ustream "add Photos" box.
5. "Auto Save" engages whenever new photos detected.

That same 10 pictures (my way here) would be only FOUR (yes only 4) steps.
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