Camera Mounts and Tripods for Broadcasting on Ustream

When broadcasters have difficulty finding a flattering camera angle it's almost always due to the inadequate mount or stand that came with their webcam. Luckily most web cams and all HD cameras & camcorders come with a built-in tripod mount so you can attach a tripod or specialty pro mount.

A popular solution for web cams is the Joby Gorillapod Magnetic Flexible Tripod which has magnetic feet and griping legs that twist around objects making it versatile, easy, and fun to position and mount from all kinds of objects. Wrap it's legs around monitors, flat panels, desks, hutches, shelves etc or use it's magnetic feet to attach it to any metallic object.

For heavier HD cameras & camcorders you'll need a Joby Gorillapod Focus with Ballhead X bundle. It also has the flexible, gripping legs, that can wrap around objects and infinitely adjust to get the exact angle you want.

Professionals swear by the combination of a Manfrotto Super Clamp combined with a Manfrotto Magic Arm with Camera Bracket. The Super Clamp can be securely clamped to a desk, shelf, post, and many other objects and the Magic Arm connects to the Clamp. It can then be positioned to securely hold practically any size camera at nearly any angle imaginable.

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