Direct to Ustream Cameras and Devices

More and more devices are shipping with support for streaming directly to Ustream either natively or with official Ustream Apps.

The new, Ustream Certified, Cerevo LiveShell allows you to connect practically any camera or camcorder directly to Ustream over WiFi or wired ethernet without any PC or Mac!

The Olympus LS-20M HD Video/Audio Recorder combines high definition audio and video and you can stream live video that you're shooting straight to the web via a PC directly to Ustream. You can monitor the loop-through video on the LCD display so it's easy to set the optimum camera position and angle.

Easily the best device for streaming direct to Ustream is an Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, or Apple iPod touch combined with the free official Ustream App.

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Some products may require USTREAM Producer, Pro, or Studio to have all options and features available to USTREAM or may require additional accessories, software, and/or cables in order to be used. Ustream is an evolving site which implements technological improvements without notice and something that works with Ustream at press time might not work tomorrow; compatibility should not be expected to last forever.