Ustream Compatible Computers

For the best broadcasting experience we recommend Macs. Macs can support more connected cameras at once and with less installed RAM. They also work out of the box with any of the HD Cameras & Camcorders we recommend. Additionally, the Mac OS performs significantly better than on Windows when broadcasting with Ustream Producer/Producer Pro, Wirecast, CamTwist and/or other streaming programs. This is because the Mac OS has been fine tuned to work with the integrated video encoder for superior audio/video performance.

Because of all this many broadcasters use and dedicate a MacMini, iMac, or MacBook Pro just for encoding the stream and broadcasting to Ustream.

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Some products may require USTREAM Producer, Pro, or Studio to have all options and features available to USTREAM or may require additional accessories, software, and/or cables in order to be used. Ustream is an evolving site which implements technological improvements without notice and something that works with Ustream at press time might not work tomorrow; compatibility should not be expected to last forever.