Ustream Compatible HD Cameras and Camcorders

HD Cameras and Camcorders offer superior color capture, more crisp resolution and increased light sensitivity in addition to many more professional features. But some are not equipped to live stream without additional bridge devices.

This list of known Ustream compatible HD Cameras and Camcorders have outputs that should work with most computers and Ustream, right out of the box as long as your computer has a Firewire port!

Don't forget to also order Firewire cables and check to see if you need an adapter. Most computers now only have a single Firewire 800 port and the cameras most likely only has a single smaller 4-pin Firewire port or a 6-pin port so an adapter will be required.

Need to use an HD Camera or Camcorder without a PC or Mac? The new, Ustream Certified, Cerevo LiveShell allows you to connect practically any camera or camcorder directly to Ustream over WiFi or wired ethernet without any PC or Mac!

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Some products may require USTREAM Producer, Pro, or Studio to have all options and features available to USTREAM or may require additional accessories, software, and/or cables in order to be used. Ustream is an evolving site which implements technological improvements without notice and something that works with Ustream at press time might not work tomorrow; compatibility should not be expected to last forever.