Ustream Compatible Web Cams

Most USB webcams that state they support Skype, can also support Ustream. To be assured of compatibility we've compiled this list of known Ustream compatible webcams below.

If you don't have a separate microphone, look for a web cam with a good quality microphone such as a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 or Blue Microphones Eyeball 2.0 HD Webcam.

If you physically move around during your broadcast, the Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF will literally try to keep you perfectly in frame by panning and tilting as if a camera man was controlling the camera.

Don't forget to also order an extension cable, as the cable included with most web cams is pretty short. Also check out these other recommended USB Accessories so you will have everything you need to start broadcasting as soon as your new webcam arrives.

For professional broadcasts, you'll probably need at least one HD Camera or Camcorder as they offer superior color capture, more crisp resolution, better microphones, and increased light sensitivity in addition to many more professional features.

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Some products may require USTREAM Producer, Pro, or Studio to have all options and features available to USTREAM or may require additional accessories, software, and/or cables in order to be used. Ustream is an evolving site which implements technological improvements without notice and something that works with Ustream at press time might not work tomorrow; compatibility should not be expected to last forever.