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We've answered some questions you may have about Ustream Helpers and Ustream-Helpers.com.

Where can I get help with Ustream?

Our Forum or Live Help is filled with Helpers ready to assist you.

What is a Helper?

They are Ustream members, just like you. They help users with features, find settings, troubleshoot problems, and answer questions they may have. Helpers can be found in the #help channel most of the time. If no one is on duty you can post to the forums or request support by email.

What exactly do Helpers do?

Help constantly. They do everything normal Ustream members do. Stream, have fun, socialize and enjoy themselves but with a special dedication to helping users who are having difficulty with Ustream.

What do we help with exactly?

Anything related to Ustream, be that aiding with a webcam, mics, or other gear or directing to the latest software ensuring that you have the best broadcasting or viewing experience available online.

Where can I usually find a Ustream Helper

You can find us in our Live Help Chat, type !help in any Ustream chat, or if you are using an IRC client use, "/join #help".

How do I become a Ustream Helper?

If you want to become a Helper get involved in the Ustream community, be active on the Ustream-Helpers.com Forum and the Ustream Get Satisfaction Forum, and assist others in the Live Help Chat when you do not see a Helper on duty. When you have the knowledge to answer questions and feel you would be a good addition to the team you may submit an application for review.

A Helper was rude and not very helpful, what can I do?

We take pride in the quality of service offered by all of those who are on the Help Team. If you feel that you have been wronged by any member of the help team, please let us know.

For more information and assistance with Ustream please visit our Forum or Live Help Chat.