How to connect to Ustream Chats with Colloquy

  1. Download Colloquy and install the software on your Mac.
  2. Once installed, launch Colloquy from your Applications folder and it should look like this: Colloquy after launch
  3. Fill the "Nickname" field with your Ustream username or a nick you would like to be known as on Ustream Chats: Fill the Nickname field with your Ustream Username or a Nick you would like to be known as on Ustream Chats.
    Important Tip: If you haven't already done so, we strongly suggest you register your chosen nick name on Ustream by creating a free Ustream account. If you don't register the nick name, someone else might do so and this would prevent you from continuing to use it in the future.
  4. Enter in the Chat Server: "" Enter in Chat Server:
  5. Click Details to expose additional options and also check box the “Remember this ConnectionClick Details and Check box the Remember this Connection
  6. Check that the " Chat Server Port" is set to, "6667". Ustream IRC servers do not except "SSL Connections" so keep this option unchecked. Check that the Chat Server Port is 6667
  7. You may edit the "Username" field if you need to change it. This will be your Ident when you connect to the server. (e.g. nick! In most cases it's not necessary to change it. So, you really should leave it as is if you're unaware of any reason why it must be changed. You may edit the Username field, this will be your Ident
  8. Enter your Ustream account password as the "Server Password". (As mentioned in step #3, if you don’t have a registered Ustream account, then you may leave this blank, or you may fill it in later. However, if the nick you have chosen is registered by someone else, you will not be able to use it so, again, we strongly suggest you create a free Ustream account and enter your Ustream password here. If you have registered a Ustream account (or if someone else has) and you don't enter the matching password in this space, you will be asked to fill in your password on connect to Ustream by typing, "/pass yourpasswordhere".) Enter  your Ustream account password as the server password.
  9. Enter your "Real Name". This can either be left as is, if incorrect, changed to your actual name, or you may put something else in as long as it's not vulgar or misleading or attempts to impersonate someone else. Enter your Real Name.
  10. Next, in the "Join Rooms", add the chat room (also known as a #channel) that you would like to automatically join once you connect to Ustream with Colloquy. Click on the "+" symbol and enter one channel name per line. It is not necessary to precede the channel name with the traditional # symbol. Set up the chat rooms you would like to automatically join.
  11. Repeat step # 10 to add additional auto-join channels. (Instead, or in addition to auto-join channels, you may manually join a channel once connected to Ustream without adding it to your auto-join by typing, "/join #ChannelNameHere". Currently, you can join a combined maximum of 20 channels at once.)
  12. Once all the information above has been entered you may click "Connect" to attempt to connect to Ustream using Colloquy: Colloquy image 8
  13. If you entered all the information correctly, the chat window should open and appear as follows: Colloquy connected to #help on Ustream In this example How-To, Colloquy connected to #help as it was the only channel entered in step #10. If you entered multiple channels or another channel name, they should all be listed in the left the channel menu which this red arrow points at: Colloquy image 9 To view the other channels, simply click on their name in this channel menu.