How to download all your Ustream recorded videos at once

It's always a good idea to backup all your recorded videos and maintain local copies of them. To this end, Ustream has provided a way to easily download all your recorded videos from Ustream at once so you don't have to manually load and download each, one by one.

Here's how to download all of your videos at once:

  1. Download Miro
  2. Install Miro and restart your system. (Do not skip the system restart.)
  3. After restarting your system, open Miro.
  4. You'll need to write your RSS Feed URL for your channel. To do this:
    1. Go to your Ustream channel page and copy (CTRL-C in Windows/⌘-C in Mac) it's URL (the web address.)
    2. Paste (CTRL-V in Windows/⌘-V in Mac) your Ustream channel page URL into a text editor such as Notepad or Textedit. Your live Ustream channel page should look something like: "" (no quotes.)
    3. In your text editor simply append, "0/video/download.rss" to your Ustream channel page URL so it looks like, "" (no quotes or spaces.)

      e.g. "" would become: "" (without the quotes shown here.)

    4. Copy the RSS Feed URL you created in your text editor to your clipboard.
  5. Click on "Slidebar" in the program menu and then select "Add Podcast" in the drop down menu that appears.

     Click on

  6. Paste the RSS Feed URL for your channel that you copied in step 4d.

    Enter the RSS URL for your channel

    Illustration (1) will be your show's name.
    Illustration (2) shows the toggle to download all videos.

    Replace "0" with "1" to download only over quota videos.
    Leave it as "0" to download all videos.
  7. Click, "Create Podcast."
  8. When prompted for your user name and password provide the Ustream user name and password you use to broadcast to this show.
  9. Click on Ustream channel name
  10. At the bottom of the Miro window click on "Auto-Download All" or manually choose the individual videos you wish to download.

    At the bottom of the Miro window click on

If you followed the steps above you should now be able to Download all your Ustream recorded videos or videos of your choosing.

If you are having problems please join our live help chat (or just type !help in any channel on Ustream) and one of our Helpers will be glad to assist you.