How to resolve problems with Ustream Verification Code

Upon registering for a free Ustream account you should receive a Verification Code by email to confirm your email address is valid. Without this code you will not be able to complete registration.

Here's some common problems with Verification Codes and how to resolve them:

  • Verification Codes Are Only Valid For 24 Hours.

    If you registered longer than 24 hours ago, you'll need to request a new one. You can do this by visiting Enter your username or e-mail address and the password verification code email will be sent to you. If you do not receive that e-mail, please make sure to check all of your spam and bulk folders.

  • Never Received Verification Code E-mail?

    If you do not receive the Verification Code e-mail, be sure to check your spam and bulk folders in the e-mail account used to register your account with Ustream. If you do not see any e-mail, your username is most likely associated with a different e-mail address. If you received multiple Verification Codes, use the most recent one.

  • If Verification Code does not work:

    • Try clearing your cache and cookies.
    • Please note that you must use the code within 24 hours of receipt.
    • Verification Codes are case-sensitive.
    • Hitting "Enter" more than once to submit your code will disrupt the process

If the issue persists, please submit a Support Ticket for assistance. For quick resolution be sure to include all of the following information even though some of it might seem irrelevant:

  • Your Ustream username
  • The date and time that you requested the Verification Code
  • The date and time that you used the Verification Code
  • Your State and Country
  • The web browser and version you use
  • If and what international keyboard you use
  • Are you using WiFi or Lan?
  • Are you using Mac or PC?