New Recorded Video Storage Limits Announced

On February 9, 2012, Ustream announced new recorded video storage limits on free and Pro Broadcasting Ustream accounts.

Ustream stated they had to enact these limits to control increasing storage costs so they can continue to provide the free services and continue to provide Pro Broadcasting services at affordable price points to Professional Broadcasters.

While the majority of users have well under 1GB of stored videos, we've noticed that a good number of free users were abusing the storage with hundreds of hours of videos that had very few or no views at all. Some members seem to have never exercised any discretion by keeping videos on their account with obsolete or outdated information from years ago.

So Ustream is hoping these limits will encourage Ustream broadcasters to identify which videos are important to them and which really should be saved and which shouldn't.

In any case, Ustream is being very generous by allowing users to still store a very large amount of videos for free.

Storage Limits for Free Ustream Accounts:

Considering what online storage typically costs, Ustream is offering an awesome 10 GBs of recorded video storage free of charge for all Ustream user accounts. Compared to the extremely popular Dropbox service, it's a steal. Dropbox only offers 2GB for free or 50GB of storage for $9.99/month or $99/year.

Ustream will automatically notify Broadcasters should they go over the storage limit. They're also giving free Broadcasters a two week grace period to download (backup) and remove excess videos before they're deleted.

If a free Broadcaster is still over quota after the two weeks, the oldest videos that have the lowest number of views in the past six months will be the first ones to be deleted. So manual management of the storage usage will probably not be necessary for the majority of broadcasters. We feel that the new policy is really only of concern to someone that needs a full archive of all their broadcasts, including their least popular and least viewed recordings.

Broadcasters who are more concerned about it can check the storage meter in their dashboard to see how much storage they're using and which videos have been marked for deletion so they can backup those videos and/or manually delete them to manually bring themselves under the quota. To do this, simply log into your Ustream account and in your Dashboard select the Channel menu and Videos. From there you may filter for, and order by, videos marked for deletion.

Ustream informs us that videos marked for deletion are recalculated daily, so if you backup and remove videos from your account, less videos will be automatically marked for deletion.

Storage Limits for Pro Brodcasting Ustream Accounts:

Higher storage limits are automatically included with each Pro Broadcasting plan and if they go over they're billed extremely small amounts. For example, the lowest cost Ustream Pro Broadcating plan includes 50GBs of storage and charges only $0.25 per additional GB.

If the included storage isn't enough for the Pro Brodcaster, they can either upgrade to a higher plan with more storage included, pay the insignificant monthly overage charges for additional storage, or backup the videos and delete them from their Ustream account.

We suggest users should exercise some common sense and prune their worst and most boring recordings. Obviously, there really isn't much sense in keeping that just average performance in Guitar Hero or that three hour recording of you at work and not engaging any viewers or those old videos of the puppies simply sleeping overnight. What's the point in saving boring and useless videos like that and making Ustream pay for their storage anyway?