How to get help with Ustream

It's easy! You can ask your question in our Live Help chat:

For immediate service, simply ask your question in our live help chat below. Please allow a few minutes for a response.

Ustream #Help Channel Guidelines

No helpers on duty now? Post to our Forums:

If the topic states, "No helpers on duty," you may post to our Forums to receive help from other community members and official Ustream Helpers.

  • Ask a question

    Have a question about Ustream services or Unsure how to do something? Need instructions or support? Other community members and official helpers are ready to help.

  • Share an idea

    Post your ideas or suggestions for Ustream, or the #Help Team.

  • Report a problem

    Please report any bugs you encounter on Ustream or

Pro Tip: When posting to the forums, select the optional, "Notify me when a reply is posted" and you'll receive an email notification for each reply.

Prefer private help? Request support by email:

Support by email typically takes longer to resolve so for faster service, please post to our Forums or use the Live Help chat above.

You can request support by email at the appropriate department below:

  • Support

    For general questions, issues, and inquires related to Ustream's free services. (If in doubt which department you should choose please send your email to this department.)

  • Ustream Billing and Pro Product Support

    Ustream Producer Pro, Ustream Producer Studio, Pro Broadcasting, Pay Per View, Premium Memberships, and other paid Ustream Professional Services.

  • Ustream Account Creation/Login Problems Support

    Ustream Login problems, verification code issues or issues that require the assistance of an official Ustream support member.

  • Appeal Ustream Broadcasting Bans

    Use to appeal a Ustream Broadcasting Ban.

  • Appeal Ustream Chat Bans

    Appeal Ustream-Bot bans or bans from all Ustream Chats.

  • Report Ustream Chat Spam

    Report any spam you see in a Ustream Chat (or receive by private message on Ustream Chat).

  • Ustream Chat Admins

    To report harassment via Chat, Chat security issues or other severe Chat related issues that require a Chat Admin's attention. For technical support please use the most appropriate Support department above.

  • Ustream-Bot Feedback

    To provide feedback or report an issue with the Ustream-Bots.

  • Help Team Feedback

    Leave a comment about a help team member. This is department is not for support requests, only your feedback or suggestions. For technical support please use the most appropriate Support department above.

  • Legal Issues

    For legal issues with only. If you have a legal issue with Ustream or a question about the legality of something on Ustream please visit the Ustream Support Center.

  • Web Team Feedback

    Have a suggestion for Find a broken link or page? Advertising inquires? Please send the Web Team a message.