Review: Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam

Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam for HD Video Streaming, Calling, Recording

Ustream Certified Compatible logoThe Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam is an awesome breakthrough product for broadcasting on Ustream or chatting on FaceTime, Skype and other popular video calling services.

The camera can either stream direct to Ustream with super sharp, smooth, and clear High Definition 720p quality video or beam the video over Wi-Fi up to 50 feet to a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. From there it can be controlled by Ustream Producer, FaceTime, iMovie, Final Cut Pro and more. The Logitech Broadcaster app lets you record or broadcast and control digital zoom, pan, tilt and even exposure on a Mac, iPad or iPhone screen.

Setting up the camera and the Broadcaster app was super easy. I simply downloaded the app to my iPad. (I also successfully tested it on my MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and iPhone.) Then I entered my Wi-Fi network password, and pointed the camera at the QR code that appeared on the screen. The software automatically connected the camera to the Wi-Fi network and was ready to use. At out-of-home locations where Wi-Fi is not available you can opt to use your Apple device as a hotspot or connect the camera to any mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device.

Once the camera has been setup it can seamlessly broadcast directly to Ustream so you don't need to dedicate a computer, iPhone or iPad to streaming. Just press the capture button on the camera and it's on air! Awesome!

If you should want to use it with a Mac for more control, or live titling and other graphics, it worked with every Mac App we threw at it. We tested FaceTime, Skype, Ustream Producer Pro, CamTwist, PhotoBooth, Boinx TV, Motion FX, and Camtasia. It was flawless and trouble free.

Unlike USB-based HD cameras, which can overwhelm the USB bus, you can actually use multiple Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcams to have several different shots or views broadcasting to several Ustream channels at the same time.

The camera comes with a hard plastic carrying case which also serves as a pan/tilt head and stand. A strong magnet securely holds the camera to the stand and allows for adjustment. Point the camera where you want it, and it stays there. It was magical and frustration free. The case also has a tripod screw to mount to a tripod or other versatile camera mounts.

There is an external microphone jack so you can use a pro external microphone or a lavalier mic. Theres also a built in battery to power the camera on the go. In our testing, the built-in battery had great battery life, lasting almost three hours in continuous use. The camera can be charged with a micro-USB cable (included) or powered by one for permanent or semi-permanent installations where using the battery is impractical.

All in all, I loved the design, features and ease of the setup and use and will be saving up for at least one more!