How to setup an IRC client to connect and login to Ustream

While IRC Clients are not officially supported by Ustream or, you maybe able to configure one to connect to Ustream's Chats.

In general, the IRC server should be set to "" and the IRC server password should be your Ustream password. Do not enter your Ustream Password as the Nick Password as it will not be sent to Ustream's servers in the correct format. Full step-by-step instructions for specific IRC clients is located in the sub-pages listed below.

Please note: All IRC Client software instructions are provided as courtesy. Use at your own risk.
We are not affiliated with any of the IRC Clients mentioned, nor endorse any of them. Support is not offered by Ustream or and compatibility is not guaranteed. Ustream is an evolving site which implements technological improvements without notice and something that works with Ustream today might not work tomorrow; compatibility should not be expected to last forever.