Ustream #Help Channel Guidelines

  1. Address your Question to the channel, not to a specific individual:

    There is almost always official Helpers online and available to assist users requiring assistance. Please Do not address your question to a specific Helper because they might be busy. Instead just ask your question in the channel and someone who is free will be glad to help you.

  2. But, please directly address your Answers to the individual you're helping:

    If multiple users in the room are in need of assistance and you are assisting one, please address the user you are assisting by their nickname in each of your posts. This will lessen the likelihood that a user will mistakenly think a certain piece of advice is for them when it is actually for another user.

  3. Please don't interrupt Helpers providing assistance:

    If a Helper is on shift (i.e. if they show up in the Broadcaster category), please let the Helper attempt to answer questions asked by the user first. We appreciate your desire to help, but this is what the Helpers go on shift for, and it'll prevent multiple people from giving different answers (which can confuse the user who needs help). However, if all on duty Helpers state that they do not know the answer to a question, or if no Helpers are on shift, both we and the users would appreciate your assistance if you know the solution to the problem.

  4. Stay on topic:

    The #Help channel is reserved for users in need of help and those assisting them. If you would like to have a conversation with another user, please do so in a Private Message or in another channel.

  5. Do not repeat, flood, or spam:

    Asking the same question over and over and over won't get you servered quicker so please don't repeat yourself UNLESS another moderator has joined the room and they missed your question and fail to answer it.

    Flooding or spamming the channel is not tolerated and is grounds for an immediate ban from all Ustream Chats.

  6. Do not be impolite or rude:

    Any sexually explicit language or impolite behavior will not be tolerated and could get you banned.

    Please be respectful to other users. Do not call them names, belittle them for not knowing something, or do anything else with the intention of being rude to them.

    If you need to report an offensive Private Message (PM), please ask to PM a Chat Moderator and discuss the situation in private with the Chat Moderator.

  7. Do not troll:

    All the Helpers are volunteers and are selflessly dedicating their free time to help others. Please do not take advantage of their kindness by submitting fake or false questions or inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic discussion with the intention of inciting an angry or emotional responses. Users suspected of this may be banned from all Ustream Chats.

  8. Do not paste improper chat or spam URLs:

    If you witnessed something that might violate the Ustream Terms of Service and wish to report it, do not paste it in the #Help chat. Instead, simply summarize what is happening and where.

    Never post links to offensive shows in the Help channel. To report an offensive stream, please use the Flag tab beneath the offensive video. Content Monitoring is handled by a separate team, and no one in the Help channel can assist with this issue beyond suggesting that you flag the channel.

    We have a form specifically for reporting chat spam and a Ustream Chat Admins for to report a problem with Ustream's chat servers, harassment via chat, or other chat related issues. In the event of a Chat Emergency please use the 911 command in the chatroom the issue is occurring in.

  9. Unauthorized scripts, bots, and clones are prohibited:

    Please disable all back/away scripts, URL title scripts, and all other scripts which might trigger and output anything into the #Help channel.

    Do not ask if your bot can be in #Help or join one. We do not need, nor want, any more bots. All unauthorized scripts and/or bots maybe banned automatically from all Ustream Chats if it is used in #Help.

    In most cases clones in excess of 2 are prohibited but users may be granted permission for 3 to 4 clones on a case by case basis at the approval of an on shift Help Team member. However all clones must use a registered nick and not ustreamer-XXXXX nick.

  10. Do not discuss bans:

    Broadcasters and moderators may ban users from their chat room at their own discretion and these bans cannot be appealed with Ustream. You will need to contact the broadcaster or moderator to lift these chatroom bans. Helpers cannot assist you with them.

    If you are banned from all Ustream chats, it is because you violated the Ustream Terms of Service. For Ustream-Bot, Ustream Admin, or Ustream HelpOp bans from all Ustream chats you may Appeal Ustream Chat Bans but if the ban lasts more than 3 hours they were not done by a fully automatic process and are unlikely an error.

  11. Do not discuss exploits or bugs:

    If you come across a potentially exploitable bugs, please do not disclose the details in the #Help channel. Instead, please report it to the Ustream Chat Admins.

Thank you for reading and following these guidelines, as we hope to make the #Help channel less confusing for users in need of help and a safer, friendlier place for everyone. :)